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We at Shivom Consultancy believe that digital is the future. We also believe that resistance to new technology, whether personal or corporate, slows progress. As a result, we assist businesses in identifying and meeting the demand for digital transformation by delivering engineering and consulting services that promote competitiveness and innovation.

Our headquarters is based in London, UK. However, our team is mainly remote. We pride ourselves on working well as a team and with our clients alike. We are experienced in remote team collaboration and Scrum development, we painlessly integrate into globally distributed multi‑vendor teams.


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Why Hybrid Cloud Data Management Makes Good Business Sense

Rohit Amarnath is CTO of Vertica, a unified analytics platform that enables predictive business insights based on a scalable architecture. Whether it’s scaling infrastructure, building software as a service applications, storing, processing and analysing big data, or managing backup and recovery,…

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Cloud Sector Boom Accelerated By Digital Transformation

The rise of cloud computing has been one of the dominant trends shaping technology over the past decade. Enterprises have overcome initial concerns over security, regulation and cost to embrace the outsourcing of their computing power and data storage needs.…

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