Shivom Consultancy ISO27001 Certification

Shivom Consultancy Ltd Have been independently assessed and accredited by Qualities Veritas to the following Information Security Management Systems, Standards and guidelines: – BS EN ISO 27001:2017

This approved Information Security Management System is applicable to the following: – Shivom Consultancy Ltd are a full-service provider of Information Technology Solutions.

An innovative consulting company specialising in public and private sector, supporting our customers in Agile Delivery, Digital Transformation, Support, Enterprise and Data Architecture, Cloud Adoption, Security and Test Automation.

We specialise in Public Cloud Adoption/Migration (AWS/Azure), hosting sensitive data in cloud, and Hybrid Cloud Technology for data centre hosting.

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) applies to the provision of trusted and managed information security services to internal and external customers of Shivom Consultancy Ltd in accordance with the ISMS Statement of Applicability revision document. The ISMS covering business activities relating to our IT Strategy, Consultancy Engineering, delivering world class services to our customers in IT Architecture & Design, Software Engineering, Cloud computing, Data Centre Management, IT Security, Data Management, DevOps, QA Automation, Application / Infrastructure Support, and Business Intelligence.

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