E-Commerce !

FaceBook API plugin For OS Commerce

OsCommerce is one of the oldest & most widely used free, open source shopping cart software with various level of options and features. We provide copy/paste Api Plugin for OsCommerce so that you have a easy and secure access to your store's categories and products.

IMport Your Stores Data in the form of APIs

JSON API access to your E-Store

Get APIs of your store Data

  • JSON API Access to the Product List
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to set up
  • Works on the data of your existing site
  • No technical knowledge required



Key Features Of API Plugin for OS Commerce

  • Api to access store categories.
  • Api to access products.
  • Search Api to search products on store.
  • Gets all store configuration automatically like currency etc.
  • Api to get Featured Products form your store.
  • Secure access to api & configurable access token.
  • No installation required ,just copy/paste plugin.
  • Works with all versions of OsCommerce.
  • Reusable api for different platforms.

Installation Instructions

  • 1) Click the Download button to download plugin.
  • 2) Save the zip file to on your computer.
  • 3) Unzip the download folder.
  • 4) Connect using FTP/SFTP to server where your store is installed.
  • 5) Copy the extracted plugin folder to your store's root directory - "/path_to_your_store_root_directory/"
    Default Plugin will be like : /path_to_your_store_root_directory/s3plugin
  • 6) Plugin is now installed on your store.
  • The api plugin comes with a default token which you can change from your store administration panel. To manage access token via your store administration panel you need to run a sql patch(set_token.sql) provided with the plugin.
  • To run the sql patch you need to connect to your database using console or phpmyadmin and run the sql patch. Once successfully executed you can change the access token from your administration panel as mentioned below.
  • 1) Login to store administration panel.
  • 2) From top menu navigate to Configuration.
  • You will have a new configuration option S3plugin Api Token added to your configuration parameters list.
  • 3) You can edit S3plugin Api Token value to a custom value.

Methods in API Plugin

  • Categories API

    The api plugin allows you to retrieve list of store categories in json format. It returns the categories in structured format along with all the child categories at any level.
    To get the list of categories you can call the api as follows :

  • Product List by categories The api plugin allows you to retrieve list of all products in a category in json format. It returns the products list in structured format with product information like id, name, image, price, discounted price and product details url.
    To get the list of products by categories you can call the api as follows :

  • Product Details

    The api returns details of a product in json format. It returns all the products attributes as json like id, name, image, price, discounted price, product details url,description, product attributes, product category, status, model etc.
    To get the details of products by its id you can call the api as follows :

  • Featured Products

    To get the list of featured products from your store you can call the api as follows:

  • Search

    The search api returns the list of products from your store matching your search criteria in json format.