Hosted Facebook Catalog For OsCommerce

Our Facebook Catalog application allows you to import your OsCommerce store catalog on to Facebook. It works like your store where users can browse products by category, view product details and search for products on Facebook, and it retrieves all the information on Facebook from your store in real time. You can select any of the built-in themes for your Facebook Page catalog.

IMport Your Store on Facebook with our Facebook Catalog application

Launch your E-Store Catalog on Facebook for Free

Pull your E-Store to Facebook

  • Works with your existing site
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to set up
  • Store Catalog with our built-in themes
  • Promote your Products on Facebook
Your OsCommerce Portal Api Plugin Your Facebook Catalog Increased Exposure Of Your Products



Demo screenshots for Facebook Catalog For OSCommerce

  • ecommerce OsCommerce Home page
    ecommerce OsCommerce product category page
  • ecommerce OsCommerce Product details page
    ecommerce OsCommerce Product search page

Installation Instructions for Hosted Facebook Catalog Application for OSCommerce

  • 1) Click the Download button to download plugin.
  • 2) Save the zip file to on your computer.
  • 3) Unzip the download folder.
  • 4) Connect using FTP/SFTP to server where your store is installed.
  • 5) Copy the extracted plugin folder to your store's root directory - "/path_to_your_store_root_directory/"
    Default Plugin will be like : /path_to_your_store_root_directory/s3plugin
  • 6) Plugin is now installed on your store. You can register / manage your catalog using this link. to register your store on facebook.
  • The Facebook Catalog uses an access token to retrieve information from a store using the Api Plugin. The api plugin comes with a default token which you can change from your store administration panel. To manage access token via your store administration panel you need to run a sql patch(set_token.sql) provided with the plugin.
  • To run the sql patch you need to connect to your database using console or phpmyadmin and run the sql patch. Once successfully executed you can change the access token from your administration panel as mentioned below.
  • 1) Login to store administration panel.
  • 2) From top menu navigate to Configuration.
  • You will have a new configuration option S3plugin Api Token added to your configuration parameters list.
  • 3) You can edit S3plugin Api Token value to a custom value.
  • Once you change the S3plugin Api token value from the store administration panel you will need to update the same for your Facebook Store Catalog using administration panel to continue Facebook Catalog work.