Hosted FaceBook Catalog For Magento

Our Facebook Catalog Application allows you to import your Magento store catalog to Facebook Page. It works like your store where users can browse products by category, view product details and search for products on Facebook, and it retrieves all the information on Facebook from your store in real time. You can select any of the built-in themes for your Facebook catalog.

IMport Your Store on Facebook with our Facebook Catalog application

Launch your E-Store Catalog on Facebook for Free

Pull your E-Store to Facebook

  • Works with your existing site
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to set up
  • Store Catalog with our built-in themes
  • Promote your Products on Facebook
Your Magento Portal Your Facebook Catalog Increased Exposure Increased Sales



Demo screenshots for Facebook Catalog For Magento

  • ecommerce Magento Home page
    ecommerce Magento Product Category page
  • ecommerce Magento Product Detail page
    ecommerce Magento Product Search page

Installation Instructions for Hosted Facebook Catalog Application for Magento

  • Steps to generate user id and secret key for Magento Soap Api user from Magento Administartion Panel to register application:
  • Creating Magento Soap Api User requires a Role to be created that has defined permissions for accessing different resources of a store.
    You can create a Role and User using following steps:
  • #1 Login to your Magento Store Administration Panel
    #2 Create a role with specific permissions to different resources.
    #3 Create a Soap Api User
    #4 Assign appropriate Role to Soap Api User
  • #1 Creating a Web Service Role :
  • Login to Admin Panel, From the top menu navigate to : System -> Web Services -> SOAP-XML-RPC Roles and click on “Add New Role button”.
    Enter a name for the Role Name field in the "Role Info" tab.
    Click Role Resources tab in left.
    You can either select Resource Access - All or specific Resources using Resource Access - Custom.
    Once your are done with setting access to resources for role click Save Role.
  • #2 Creating Web Service user :
  • After creating role, From the top menu navigate to : System -> Web Services -> SOAP/XML-RPC Users and click on “Add New User” button.
    For “User Info” tab fill in all the Account Information for new user and make a note of “User Name” and “API key” values as you will need to add this to your Facebook catalog configuration to allow Facebook catalog to access store data.
  • #3 Assigning Role to the User :
  • After completing the account information click “User Role” tab in left which shows the available Roles for the user.
    Select appropriate role for the user and click Save User button at top right.
    You can now use the Soap Api username and api key on registration page to connect your Facebook catalog to your magento store.